Top 5 reasons: Why Spring is a great time for Family Photo Memories

We’re Craving Family Time Outdoors

Living in a place with 4 seasons, the cold months are long. Indoor activities take most of our time. Those last weeks of Winter are the ones that we crave Mother Nature the most! The hope that comes with Spring is something so tangible. We’re never as happy to be outdoors as we are in Springtime. That natural happy mood translates to adorable candid moments! Best part? the weather keeps getting better and better as the days go by!

Spring Colors Are To Die For

Spring offers signature colors. If vibrant colors make you happy, Spring is your season! Stone-House Photography will be following the blooming calendar for all sorts of flowers. In the same way, we chase fall’s foliage we chase spring’s flowers! Mother Nature puts on THE best show for us. For me, the FLOWERS are the ones that make Spring THE season for family photos.

Days are Longer, say HELLO to weekday fun!

In Spring, the weather starts to breakthrough, daylight saving hits and suddenly it’s 6:30 pm and there is light outside!! The light by itself makes us happier. The family’s dynamic changes automatically and more after-work BBQs, bicycle trips, playdates start. The season for outdoors fun officially begins.

Warmer days mean gorgeous styling!

Yay for way fewer layers! think about gorgeous light dresses, short sleeves, sandals. No coats, no scarfs, no boots, no frozen kids with runny noses!

Moms we would do anything for family portraits! We’re barely in the frame, so when we book a professional photo session we would never complain if it’s too cold. We buckle up buttercup and push through with a smile. Yet kids’ moods do change when it’s too cold. Tantrums and meltdowns are common when kids are cold. It’s understandable! They prefer to be warm and cozy indoors. That’s the beauty of Spring, it will never be uncomfortably cold. Kids will be happy campers throughout the session and extreme or unexpected windy COLD weather won’t be a factor you need to plan for. That’s such a big reason to relax, knowing that the weather won’t break the family’s moods.

Fewer Crowds, Isn’t That The Best?

The best part of a Spring family photo sessions is that you can expect way fewer crowds than in Fall. Spring is a hidden gem (season), not everyone is ready for family memories when the weather starts to get warm! That means that all those gorgeous locations will be beyond enjoyable and fun.

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