THREE BIG REASONS why you shouldn’t skip your ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS

Getting to know your photographer

Scheduling an Engagement consultation is a great opportunity to build our relationship and allows you to get to know us, your photographer. Why would you want to do that? It’s actually something most don’t think about, but the more that we know about you, your fiance, and even your family the easier it will be for us to document those real and candid moments.

Anyone can put a camera up to their eye and capture an image, but not everyone can do it extraordinarily well and manage to capture your story. Scheduling an engagement shoot allows you and your fiancé to get to know us and ask us why we got involved in photography or what inspires us. Although we are providing a professional service, we are in the unique position of capturing the most special, most intimate moments of your life. We aren’t signing on for that insane amount of trust and responsibility just to get a paycheck.

Learning What it’s like to be Photographed to prepare you for your big day.

The majority of people have limited experience with having their photo taken by a professional. You worry about everything from being awkward in front of the camera to not knowing the slightest bit of what to expect. Imagine if your first interaction with a photographer is on your wedding day? Imagine having those same worries in the back of your head wrapped into one big stress package along with everything else you have to worry about on your wedding day.

An engagement session gets you and your fiance comfortable in front of the camera helping to ease those concerns. It also allows us to work with your personal style, comfort level, and sense of adventure to get the very best photos possible. You’ll get to see that we provide good direction that allows your true personalities to come out as well as the love you have for each other at such an important part of your life.

Getting Relaxed & Fun Photographs

You’re getting married! This is an EXCITING and FUN time in your life! Although the wedding is regarded as the ‘BIG DAY’, your engagement is something that should be celebrated as well. This time period is very fleeting and short-lived compared to marriage. It’s a transitional stage, which is why it’s nice to slow down, hit pause, and capture the little moments from this phase of life. Engagement sessions are the perfect excuse to capture this time of your life with fun photos that come out very different than the ones on your wedding day.

In addition, Engagement Photography is a huge investment, but one that also lasts forever with a tangible representation of your love. By the time the wedding rolls around, you and your fiancé will be calm, cool, collected and totally camera ready.

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