Couples Questionnaire

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our questionaire. Your response helps us to give you the best experience possible.

Mailing Address, Phone, Text, Social Media, etc.
The sun is at its highest at noon, which means it will be shining directly down on you. The worst light of the day is between the hours of 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM when the light comes from overhead. The times provided above allows for softer daylight which helps improve natural skin tones.
Check all that apply
If your willing to drive further, please let me know.
What do you like to wear? What “look” are you going for?
Please list any items you intend to bring.
List group and individual photos.
e.g. sitting on the ground, fear of heights, showing affection, etc.
For example, do you prefer more posed shots with everyone smiling and looking at the camera? Candid images? Interactive images?

Please send me a recent photo of you and your family! I love to put faces with names straight away!